Fight the Fees

Students in Ontario pay the highest fees for post-secondary education in all of Canada. With the continuous rise in tuition fees, students in Ontario face significant financial barriers in accessing post-secondary education; including a monstrous amount of debt incurred from taking out student loans. Enough is enough! We need to fight tuition fees!

The Fight the Fees campaign will mobilize students across Ontario to pressure the provincial government to:

  1. Reduce tuition fees progressively with the aim of eliminating tuition fees for all
  2. Convert student loans into non-repayable grants in the 2017 Ontario Budget
  3. Eliminate interest on existing student debt

The Fight the Fees Committee is open to all Ryerson students, including CESAR Class Reps and volunteers. Through this committee students will develop a plan for the campaign, create and implement actions. The committee will work with various students groups on campus and  partners in the city.

Join the committee to learn more about the campaign and to get involved. Email: