Workers’ Rights Now!

We believe that the fight for good jobs start right here on our campus. We need an end to unpaid placements, a fair campus wage, and accommodation for the reality of part-time student workers.

CESAR recognizes that many students are balancing their post-secondary education and work. Students and recent graduates deserve good jobs: a job that reflects good pay, stability and safety. Instead, students are met with unpaid internships, precarious work and low wages.

The Workers’ Rights Campaign aims to:

  1. Build a community
  2. Education and awareness on workplace and workers’ rights
  3. Safety and student worker outreach and initiatives

The Workers’ Rights Committee is open to all Ryerson students, including CESAR Class Reps and volunteers. Through this committee students will develop a plan for the campaign, create and implement actions. The committee will work with various students groups on campus and  partners in the city.

Join the committee to learn more about the campaign and to get involved. Email: