CESAR provides limited support for student events if the following conditions are met.

If your event is eligible, you can fill out this form to request support for your event. CESAR will respond to your request within ten business days.

The following are some of the restrictions to considering funding requests:

  1. CESAR will not support student groups/clubs that already receive funding from the Ryerson Students’ Union, any faculty based society at Ryerson or if the group/club is an Oakham Society and funded through the Student Campus Center.
  2. Student levy groups or societies- defined as groups of faculty based societies that collect a mandatory levy through student fees- are not eligible for funding through CESAR.
  3. Approved applications must comply with relevant policies and by-laws of CESAR, and Ryerson’s University’s discrimination and harassment policy.
  4. Student clubs/groups supported by CESAR must be open to all CESAR members, including part-time degree, distance education, and continuing education students at Ryerson University.
  5. Decisions made by CESAR concerning funding and/or sponsorship are final.