Francis Pineda

Position: President
Favourite food: Anything pasta
Favorite superhero: Flash, to travel the world in seconds
Want to accomplish this year: Centering continuing education and part-time students

Phyllis McKenna

Position: Vice President Equity and Campaigns
Favourite food: Veggie Burger
Favorite superhero: Cat Woman, smart and witty
Want to accomplish this year: For students to feel safe and supported at Ryerson


Sara Asalya

Position: Vice President Events and Outreach
Favourite food: Tabbouleh stuffed vine leaves
Favourite superhero: Superman, persistant and never gives up
Want to accomplish this year: Organize more engaging, accessible and inclusive events

Arezoo Najibzadeh

Position: Vice-President Internal
Favourite Food – Persian food
Favourite Superhero – One that foghts tuition fees!
Goal for the Year – Engage CESAR members in the Ryerson community!

Heba Huzayin

Position: Interim Vice President Services and Finance
Favourite food: fish
Favorite superhero: Superman, always helps people in distress
Want to accomplish this year: Expand CESAR’s services and health plan