Stop the melancthon Mega Quarry

Hills of the Headwaters are being threatened by a proposed mega quarry that will destroy valuable farmland, jeopardize fresh water, and potentially devastate the environment.

The Highland Companies, backed by a multi-billion-dollar Boston hedge fund, has purchased over 7,000 acres of the richest farmland in Ontario, located in Melancthon Township, just north of Shelburne.

Initially, Highland claimed that its interest was in potato farming, which has been a backbone of the local economy for well over 100 years.

In truth, Highland filed an application with the Ministry of Natural Resources to excavate limestone, which would also be the largest quarry ever proposed in Canada.

Highland plans to blast a pit deeper than Niagara Falls, spanning 2,316 acres (initially) to extract millions of tons of limestone for the lucrative aggregate market.

CESAR members visited the mega quarry site in September 2011 where the clearing of the land had already begun. CESAR has been working closely with the North Dufferin Agricultural and Community Taskforce (NDACT) to create awareness around this environmental catastrophe.

Together, community members have been successful in demanding that the Ontario government conduct a thorough Environmental Assessment to explore how this project will negatively affect the environment (including: the air, land, water, plant-life, animal-life, and human-life in terms of social, economic, and cultural conditions).

CESAR recently purchased lawns signs to distribute to our members wishing to get involved in the campaign to stop the mega quarry.

Please contact us at the below coordinates if you would like to get involved or wish to obtain a lawn sign.

Please also make sure to visit the NDACT website: or join their facebook page to stop the mega quarry:

Contact: | Stop the Mega Quarry website

CESAR’s trip to the Mega Quarry