A grade appeal is your opportunity to appeal a final grade in a particular course. You can file multiple grade appeals at the same time if deemed necessary. You must demonstrate how you qualify for at least one of the stipulated grounds of appeal.

Read the Appeals Information Package for a comprehensive guide to filing your grade and/or standing appeal.


There are 5 grounds that you can base your appeal on:

  • Medical
  • Compassionate
  • Course Management (not an option for standing appeals)
  • Prejudice
  • Procedural Error

You must explain how you qualify for at least one of these grounds of appeal. Download the Appeals Information Package for more detailed advice, see above.


Informal Resolution
Official Appeals Process


The first few weeks into a new semester at Ryerson is when the appeal deadline falls for grade and standing appeals assigned during the previous semester. For example, if you intend to appeal a grade from the Fall term, your deadline will be around the second or third week of the Winter term (in January); or if you are appealing a grade/standing from the Winter term, your deadline will be in mid-to late May. Always check the Ryerson Calendar for the exact deadline to be sure you do not miss it. CESAR and the RSU usually coordinate workshops to help students prepare grade/standing appeals leading up to the appeal deadline each semester.

The grade and standing appeal process follows Policy 134: Undergraduate Academic Consideration and Appeals. It is important that you read the policy and understand how it applies to you.


Department Level Grade Appeal, Department Grade Appeal-Chang School, Faculty Level Grade Appeal, Faculty Level Grade Appeal Chang School, Senate Level Appeal, Senate Level Appeal Checklist, Appeal Package.


This service is free to all CESAR members (any student taking a CE course and/or enrolled in a part-time degree program).

For more information contact:

Student Rights Coordinator
416-979-5000 x1-7056