You are required to notify your instructor in advance if you are unable to submit an assignment, or write a test or exam.  If you are unable to notify your instructor in advance, you must do so as soon as possible. Send an email to your instructor or call their office number. If you cannot reach your instructor you should contact the Program Chair/Director, or Department, or the Chang School.

If you are unable to speak with someone on the phone, you should leave a detailed message explaining your circumstances and provide your full name, contact information, course and instructor information, in addition to following up by email.


Under Ryerson policy, consideration for missed assignments, tests and exams are only granted for religious observance reasons, or Medical or Compassionate grounds under the Academic Consideration and Appeals Policy.

For religious observance grounds, you must have notified your instructor of your accommodation needs at the start of the term. You are required to complete a Student Declaration of Religious Observance Form.

For missed assignments, tests, or exams due to medical or compassionate grounds, appropriate documentation must be submitted to your instructor, and/or department within 3 business days of the assignment, test or exam. Medical grounds require you to complete the Ryerson Medical Certificate. Compassionate grounds are defined as extenuating circumstances that are often unforeseen and beyond your control, such as an unexpected death in the family.


If you have been refused entry into an exam room because you were more than 30 minutes late, you will be advised to visit the teaching department or Chang School to submit a petition to make alternative arrangements.

Petitions are due within the next business day of the exam, with the exception of medical or emergency situations. For these situations, you should submit appropriate documentation to your instructor.