Volunteer Program


“I love getting to know the other volunteers and staff while working together to accomplish our goals. They’re friendly and supportive.”
– Jordan Morris, CESAR Volunteer

You can volunteer with CESAR through the Volunteer Program.

Register in the Volunteer Program here.

By joining the Volunteer Program you will get:

  • Recognition and rewards
  • Updates on new volunteer opportunities
  • Opportunities to make connections and build your skills

How it Works:

The CESAR Volunteer Program is run through the Track It Forward app.

Step 1: Click here to create your Track It Forward account now.

With your Track It Forward Account you will:

  • Sign-up for volunteer shifts that suite your schedule
  • Track your volunteer hours
  • Receive updates on new volunteer opportunities

Step 2: Click ‘Event Sign-ups’ to see upcoming volunteer opportunities. Click an event to sign-up.

Step 3: After a volunteer shift click ‘log hours’ to track your hours and get recognition and rewards.

Recognition and Rewards:

As you accumulate volunteer hours you will reach new milestones. CESAR has three milestones: 10 hours, 25 hours, and 40 hours.
Each time you reach a new milestone you will receive new recognitions and rewards.

Recognitions and rewards include:

  • Free gift certificates
  • Free movie passes
  • Volunteer socials (dinners, game nights, karaoke & more)
  • Access to the CESAR office between classes
  • Letters of Reference
  • The $250 I am CESAR Award

Get involved in the Volunteer Program today!